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The geese and ducks eat a grain-rich diet.

Jacques Legros: Quebec’s Father Goose

At A Taste of Yesterday (Au goût d'autrefois) Farm and Restaurant on bucolic Orleans Island just outside Quebec City, Jacques Legros...


Chef Juame Brichs, Barcelona, Spain

Jaume Brichs, chef, pastry chef, food and beverage consultant, and cooking class instructor, is a man passionate about his Catalan food and...


Chef ‘Ölelo pa‘a Faith Ogawa

For Chef ‘Ölelo pa‘a Faith Ogawa, cooking is a spiritual act. “Everything has energy,” she says. “Sometimes I go to pick a mango...


Meet the Crawfish Boys

Kham and Khang Nguyen, two Vietnamese brothers, were the last people I expected to find when I came to interview the co-owners of My...


Jake Tortorice, Jr: Guardian of Tradition

“I can’t believe I own Rao’s Bakery,” says Texan Jake Tortorice, Jr., grinning like a kid. He’s standing in the bakery’s...


Mudbug Farmers Christine and Darby Douget

Darby Douget never expected to love raising crawfish. That’s because he’s done it since he was 12.


Meet Hummer & Son, Louisiana

It all started with a 4-H project that William “Bill” Hummer did as a kid. Next thing you know Hummer and his dad became fulltime...


Pratt Morales, Golden Crown Bakery

“I have a degree in accounting,” Pratt Morales says, smiling broadly. “But I didn’t want to become a CPA; I wanted to be a


The Salsa Twins: John and Jim Thomas

John and Jim Thomas, aka “the salsa twins,” are the Smothers Brothers of New Mexican cuisine.


Queen of Southwestern Cooking: Jane Butel

Jane Butel could make sopaipillas in her sleep. The delicate pillows of fried dough are the doughnut of the Southwest and Jane’s made a...

Chef Neil Murphy

Chef Neil Murphy, Merriman’s, Waimea, Hawaii

Neil Murphy blends classical French cooking with the freshest local produce and artesian food products from Hawaii to produce some truly...